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Turn $10,000 Into $114,501
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Is this the kind of screenshot you want to see on your computer screen?



Despite your best efforts to get wealthy from Forex trading, have you ever wondered why it hasn’t happened yet?

Well, I don’t blame you.

When I first began trading Forex I was sucked into a world of manual systems, archaic methods and senseless indicators by the so-called trading ‘gurus’.

It stank – and I was desperate!

Now I’m desperately trying to think of ways to spend my cash!

My fortunes were turned upside down in an instant.

Have you ever wondered why that turn-around hasn’t happened to YOU yet?

Well, you’re in the right place to find out.

What if I said to you that the software that you are reading about is your dream ticket to becoming an extremely wealthy Forex trader using a system tried and tested so rigorously that it guarantees HUGE PROFITS

I’m talking about something so rewarding that it will alter the course of your life FOREVER.

And all this is achievable using software set up to tell you the exact trades to make in 10 minutes with absolutely no intervention needed...

Take the time to read EVERY LAST WORD of this letter.

Because if you do then the next five minutes of your life could be the minutes that separate you from the rest of the 9 to 5 world…

My name is Stephen Woods and I am a reputable Forex trader with over 10 years experience in Forex trading.

I am here to tell you about how Forex Crusher has made me a cash millionaire.

But first you must UNDERSTAND what Forex Crusher really is.

Built with the most modern and complex Forex intelligence we are proud to announce that our software is so complete that it renders all other Forex trading software utterly obsolete.

And I’ll be honest with you, when we first discovered this revolutionary software we were damn excited. It made us money straightaway and lots of it.

And it has continued to make us lots of money ever since.

So, why didn’t we tell you about Forex Crusher straightaway?

Well we wanted to, really we did!

But something was stopping us…


NOT OUR GREED but other people’s.

Time and again we’d seen tricksters come up with a Forex system that worked for them once or twice and had instantly decided to fleece the honest man on the street under the pretence that their barely tried and unproven system would transform the small trader’s life and fortunes.

We were determined that our system would be tried and tested to the point that we know that it will ALWAYS be a COMPLETE SUCCESS before releasing it to you guys.

Our ruthless new software has already pillaged the 3 trillion dollar financial market for gains as high as $9,000 from one single trade.

Forex Crusher has been designed using the very latest cutting edge technology to ensure that your bank balance soars and continues to soar… $$$

It is also one of the few software that has been designed specifically to thrive in turbulent economic conditions such as those that we are experiencing in 2019!!!


Forex Crusher is the only one that can turn $10,000 into up to $114,501 running automatically on default LOW-RISK settings...

This live screen shot shows you how Forex Crusher turned $10,000 into $114,501 with an 87% winning rate.

And the best thing is that Forex Crusher is an automated trading system which tells you exactly which trades to make.

Which means that crazy amounts of cash will be siphoned off into your bank account whilst you are at work, in bed, on your holidays… Whenever!

This is no fantasy, it’s reality… a WEEKLY reality for me which could be and which SHOULD be reality for you too very soon.

The software is a swing-weekly-trader, meaning that it makes only a handful of smart trades to obtain the most stable results. So you'll never need to worry about losing your shirt on a single bad trade (unlike with other softwares!!!)
Works best with its default settings. The user does not have to change or edit a thing. This software is ready to be used – straight out of the box!
Totally profitable and safe for use with all account sizes.>
Tested and proven to make great profits with minimum risk in ALL MARKET CONDITIONS. No matter what the market is doing the software will maintain the same positive performance.
Built specifically to excel in the volatile and testing economic conditions of 2019, using up-to-date methods and strategies.
Built-in money management rules means that the user need not worry about seeing his profits be wiped out in one bad trade.
Broker friendly. This is not a scalping system, therefore the user will have absolutely no problem at all with any brokers using dirty tricks to prevent users trading with it.
Totally automatic. Just place the trades the software tells you to make...

Your Forex trades will never be the same again. Sit back and watch as Forex Crusher uses its mind-boggling technological wizardry to transform your bank balance into something incredible.

You will not find a better and more profitable income opportunity.  

And please be assured of something – there’s no question or doubt over whether this system works or not! It DOES work…

$3178 Profit From Just 2 Trades!,

Every Day $3 Trillion Dollars Are Traded On The Forex Marketplace

Yep, that's right, $3 trillion dollars.

It's official... the Forex trading market is well and truly recession-proof as the Forex market continues to flourish...

The Forex market is now the only market that you can get rich from without even lifting a finger.
And get rich is exactly what you are going to do thanks to Forex Crusher.

Because Forex Crusher has been designed specifically to turn the economic conditions that we see today into one hell of an advantage for the small trader.

Forex Crusher is able to return a $9,000 profit from just 1 single trade.

It is proven to turn $10,000 into up to $114,501 running automatically on default low- risk settings.

87% of all trades are winning trades.

Runs 100% on autopilot - it tells you EXACTLY what trades to make.
Easy to install in minutes.
Equipped with hugely sophisticated Advanced Artificial Intelligence which accurately predicts market movement.

Works fully in each and every market condition, 24 hours a day!


If you’ve not gained the success you deserve as a Forex trader then you need to start doing things differently and soon!

Only a few months ago, completely by chance, I met a man who had tried various Forex systems and softwares and was close to giving up.

Stacks of bogus books, manuals and systems are sitting in his garage right now yielding nothing but memories of false and empty promises.

It riled him like crazy that the vast majority of these ‘systems’ didn’t seem to work.

Can YOU relate to my new friend’s story?

Just imagine finding a software that worked and worked BIG.

How will your Forex trading story unfold? Where is Forex taking you?

Will YOU carry on losing money on Forex and then wonder where it all went wrong?

And have nothing to show for it except a mass of wasted time? Sorry to be blunt, but isn’t that the truth?

“This is your lifestyle that we’re talking about here. Let’s improve it vastly right now!”

To begin, I suggest that you ask yourself a very revealing question:

How can it be that a huge group of people, many of whom live in the same city, with the same intelligence, opportunities and motivation make riches beyond their wildest dreams trading on Forex whilst others experience loss after loss?

Answer: They use a system which sets them apart from the losers.

Many, many of my friends have used an identical system to siphon off some serious cash on the Forex market. This same system could be your answer to turning your dreams into reality.

Are You Prepared To Forget About Everything That You Thought You Knew About The "Trillion Dollar Playground"?

Ok… then it’s time to tell you all about my discovery…

“A discovery which I now use day after day, week after week to load my bank account with all the money I could ever need – the sort of cash I spent years as a ‘wage slave’ longing for”

You see, I was once having to work extremely hard for what was no more than ‘a living’ – 50 hours a week for what was, essentially, ‘Okay’ money. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not what anybody would call a greedy person. But I couldn’t help wanting more!

“More money and more time to enjoy it!”

Surely, I thought, there was more to life than this? Ever had that feeling?

What was really getting me down though was that I was getting fed up of making BIG money for other people such as my bosses. I wanted to be making that kind of money for myself and my family!

Then one day I came across Forex. And that was me… hooked!

I won’t lie to you; I didn’t have a clue what I was doing at first. So I listened to experts, bought some systems and made a bit of money.

“But yet again I wanted more!”

I couldn’t help but think that there was a better way. And I couldn’t resist the urge to keep searching for that way.

And So The Biggest Forex Project Ever

The Road To The Discovery Of The Promised Land And The Birth Of Forex Crusher Had BEGUN…

I started the journey pretty much on my own. I got hold of countless systems, countless software, all sorts, every Forex method known to man…

That’s how seriously I took Forex Crusher

“And it was frustrating, boy was it frustrating”

But gradually, mainly through my obsessive involvement in countless Forex internet forums, news of my journey reached more and more people.

“I was not alone”

I was thrilled to find out that there were other like-minded people desperately searching for the ultimate Forex fighting machine.

Within a few months I had my own mini-team of Forex fanatics on the case. One of these fanatics was a hugely experienced Forex expert and software developer named Chris.

Now let me tell you Chris really knows his stuff. He had been trading in the game for years, had created various systems and softwares and it became clear straightaway that Chris had the ability to programme the mega product that I longed to create.

Chris was also able to confirm many of the conclusions that I had come to during the course of my journey…
Firstly, the so-called Forex gurus are drowning the Forex trading market, talking openly about the idea of day trading for a living.

What nonsense!

Do the master Forex traders spend 10 hours a day sitting goggle-eyed in front of their computers? No, sir!

In fact the master Traders spend very little time in front of their charts and still make huge amounts of cash.

They also use the only true indicator proven to work on the Forex market… PRICE!!!

In short, it became clear to us that the most successful and easy to implement Forex systems are the ones that are 100% mechanical softwares that trade on price and price alone. A software that tells you exactly the trades to make.

Something else we discussed was the importance of total money management rules in the coding of the software to avoid losses.

What was more, all of us LOVED the idea of producing a “never been seen” miracle Forex software.

We continued to sift through, test and study countless publications and services. Some weren’t bad; some were absolute CR*P!

We spent a lot of money between us too – testing software after software – finding that results in back-tests were far from indicative of the losses that we made when we live traded them…

But we carefully extracted anything positive we could find from these softwares and added this know-how to our own, not insignificant, ideas.

And then one day it all clicked into place.

I will never ever forget the excitement in Chris’ voice when he told me about the results of his first live trades with Forex Crusher. We had been demo trading with it for months and months and were very excited with the results it had been producing.

But for it to convert those results into live trading was something else…’

In fact Chris would ring once every few days during the ensuing weeks, each time with good news.
So, of course, the rest of us were desperate for a piece of the action and went live with the software too. And the results were just as impressive.

Suddenly staring at me on that computer screen, a sure-fire way of making thousands of dollars, day after day, month on month, year after year. Forever!

Imagine if YOU suddenly saw the glimmer of something that fantastic… a proven way to make thousands each month!

Suddenly your future changes right in front of your eyes.
A slow realisation that now you might be able to have everything you ever wanted…

A luxury top-of-the-range car
A dream holiday in the Maldives
A beautiful holiday home with a big blue swimming pool

The sort of lifestyle that up to $250k plus a year tends to bring you.

After month on month of (highly enjoyable) testing we realised that we had managed to create an absolutely fool-proof money making machine with a capability of 87% winning trades.

We remain staggered at the accuracy of predicting the market that Forex Crusher is capable of.

The software is programmed to know exactly when to enter and exit trades.


The great thing is that the software automatically decides the winning trades to take, so you can execute them. 

Meanwhile, thousands of dollars are finding their way nicely into your bank account. How sweet is that?!

I am offering you one of those rare, rare things. A winning system.

This is NOT a ‘one off’ – we could and WILL use Forex Crusher for the next 50 years like this.

Because it is programmed to make money in all possible market conditions.

It doesn’t matter whether the markets move up or down – Forex Crusher will still make you money.

As a swing-weekly-trader the software is based on a complicated system that works on large time frames to ensure not only the most profitable but also the most stable results, ensuring maximum safety for long term investment.

It also eliminates the danger of losing your shirt on one bad trade, something most other software 'developers' conveniently forget to consider...

“This proven system will change the way you view money forever. It truly is the springboard to success”

All you need to do to mega-charge your own success is to activate this same ‘money-magnet’ system.
Suddenly you’ll see exactly why your previous Forex trading has not been quite so successful. Raise the veil from your eyes and soon cash will fall effortlessly into your hands.

Q. Why will Forex Crusher succeed where others fail?

A. For a variety of reasons, but 3 in particular.

The first reason is down simply to the fact that many of the other softwares are made and designed by people with insufficient software designing experience, using wafer-thin techniques with the sole intention of making money from people like you and me.

Let’s get one thing clear, without Chris and our team of Forex trading experts there is no way that even I would have been able to produce a product of even a fraction of this quality. Chris' incredible knowledge of the software involved in making such complex softwares combined with our team's total knowledge of the Forex trading market has been of paramount importance to the whole project.

The second and third reasons are more technical.

Put simply, many of the softwares on the market today lack 2 vital components, which make them only short term solutions.

The first is the ability to change with market conditions. I have honestly been absolutely amazed by the number of products out there which have thrown out some serious losses for people once any kind of market change has been experienced.

However, Forex Crusher is programmed to constantly scan the changing market and has the incredible ability to adapt itself to current market conditions.

It has also been programmed to flourish in the challenging economic climate of 2019.

The second technical problem is that other softwares have extremely poor money management rules. Money management rules are key for any software to be successful in the long-term.

Indeed, other softwares continue to wipe out huge profits made over time once stoploss has been hit, something that can take literally months to recover from. The money management rules followed by our software ensures that this will never happen.

Whether you go in with a starting capital of $50 or $10,000 Forex Crusher can be financially rewarding for you.

You will also receive the free constant support that you are entitled to as a valued customer. We are determined to ensure that this product makes you as much money as it is making for us!

Enough from me for now, take a look at what others are saying about this revolutionary new product:

What They Say...

“Is Forex Really This Easy?”

“I spent years making bits of money on Betfair and other sports betting sites. What was I thinking of? Once you gave me this software I’d made more money in a month than I did in a year on the horses! Thanks very much, Ian."

Stephen Osbourne, Newcastle UK

"Outstanding Customer Support"

“Yet again, I’m absolutely amazed by the pure consistency of your product. I have to say too, your customer support is absolutely outstanding. I love to ask question after question but you’ve always taken the time to answer every one of them!"

Trevor Davies, California USA

"Best Software I've Ever Purchased"

Forex Crusher is about the tenth Forex software I’ve ever used and it is easily the best. I was cautious and started off with $100 but the software was so successful that I was soon making thousands. A fantastic product.

Terry Pratt, Yorkshire.

Automatically siphon off cash that others can’t

Spend only 10 minutes a week in front of their computers

Command the respect and admiration of all Forex traders they come into contact with

See their bank balances increase by thousands each week

Imagine coming home, turning on your computer screen and seeing daily gains amounting to thousands and thousands of dollars…

That is what can happen when you apply this! Imagine how different your life would be… no more struggle, no more financial worries.

I honestly believe that ANYONE who has this product in their hands has the very ultimate power to succeed on Forex.

Have you ever had a series of big losses? It hurts like hell, doesn’t it?

With many of the other systems there is no way of knowing where you stand – one moment you’re up, the next you’re down and you have absolutely no choice but to abandon the system before the losses become too much… having totally wasted your time and money!

Forex Crusher however allows you to make a steady amount of cash continuously, so the money just keeps on entering your bank account without any drastic swings of fate.

That is why the smart punters have pounced upon this product… and why you need to join them today!!!”

Right now, your fast train to Forex riches is waiting to depart. All you need to board this train is the same method that we have tested and become rich with time and time again.

Maybe you are thinking “Sure Stephen, this may have worked for YOU and other market experts but I really don’t know if it will work for me!”

I understand that.

And I am so sure that Forex Crusher will make money for you that I am offering you a risk-free 60 day trial period.

What’s more, the proof and accounts that we have collected clearly show that Forex Crusher’s results just get better and better. In fact 2019 has been its best year to date!!!

The old school methods just do not cut it any more!

You need a software created by people who have been there and done that… people who have tested every system in the book and still weren’t satisfied… people who had to come up with their own spin on things, who had to make it all work, despite all the fakes out there… people who learnt the hard way and are prepared to offer you the result of everything they know

In short, you need Forex Crusher because it is the only Forex software proven to make winning trade after winning trade.

It is that simple – in fact… if you plan on profiting heavily from Forex, then you barely have a choice.

There is no doubt that it is a hard task to get a decent foot in the Forex market. That’s why I’m all for helping you guys get rich in this game.

$3 trillion dollars are traded daily on the Forex market. That’s enough for an entire country to get rich!

For Too Long The Master Forex Traders Have Kept Hold Of Their Trading Secrets. Forex Crusher Is Changing All That Forever.

I am giving you a fantastic chance to get rich and succeed. You MUST take it!

The figures and proofs that we have shown you are 100% real. Forex Crusher offers no gimmicks, just pure Forex profit.

It is the same software that many of us have used day in day out to make constant winning trades. It has made us all an incredible amount of money.

We have also gone to great lengths to ensure that Forex Crusher has been proven to work in each and every market condition and that it will always sustain its incredible long term profitability.

Is it too good to be true...?

Absolutely not. Forex Crusher will change your life forever, just as it has ours.

All I can do now is provide you with this opportunity and hope that you take it with both hands.

Whilst Forex Crusher is making money for you the vast majority just fling their money into the Forex market and lose the lot.

And that works just FINE for us – because we’ll be only too happy to take their money off them.

As you may know, as a Forex trader you aim to score winning trades and claim a healthy portion of the TRILLIONS of dollars which change hands each year on the Forex market!

Whilst others struggle, I sit back and relax safe in the knowledge that my Forex decimating dream machine is automatically siphoning off my share of those trillions for less than 10 minutes work a week.

You have seen the results. It really is that easy to make money trading Forex even if you know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about the Forex market or Forex trading.

Not only this, but you will also be amazed by how easy and fast it is to get Forex Crusher up and running!

And once you have done so you can forget that Forex Crusher actually exists…

The only reminder of its presence will be the new dollars entering your account every day…!


Download Forex Crusher Start The Easy Installer Watch The Dollars Roll In!!

Only requires as little as $50 investment to start with.

Requires no time commitment whatsoever.

Allows you to see great results straightaway.

Will continue to achieve these results for years and years to come!


I guess you could say that it’s pretty priceless!

The ultimate Forex software, the only one that incorporates every angle “known” to the professionals, with every bit of advanced software totally covered. Every dollar they have made, you can make… within a few days!

So, if my competition charge $300 and up for outdated systems and softwares, how much should I charge? How about $400? $500 even…?

Hell, I’ve even seen ‘gurus’ successfully sell seminars at over $10,000 per head that teach people to make far less money than Forex Crusher can make you.

So should $10,000 dollars be the starting point for me then…?

It wouldn’t be such a bad price considering your future gains.

Perhaps though that would price a fair few people out of the market. I don’t want to do that.

Think though about what it would mean for you to be able to fire up Forex trading with the absolute knowledge that your software will bring you in profits from day one.

Think about how it feels to go from zero to hero with thousands of dollars in your bank account in just a few weeks. What price would you attach to paying off all your debts and giving your family the support they deserve?

There is no doubt that I could sell this software for $500 – and there would be enough smart people out there to realise that they would make their money back within days.

Remember that much of my competition charge $100-400 for inferior software…


If you think I’m going to charge $200, guess again… $150?

Well I have a big shock for you – the price is not what you think…

Over the last few years, we have invested literally thousands of hours and dollars perfecting this software, and when you consider how much you have already spent chasing your dream of success, you will quite clearly see what a saving this represents.

Not only will you be getting this fantastic product but it is also totally risk free for 60 days. There is only one decision you can possibly make.

I have been fortunate to become a wealthy man through Forex trading and I WANT to make this software readily available to anybody who has the balls to reach out and grab this fantastic opportunity NOW!

And that is why I have decided to make the Forex Crusher available for a pitiful $97.


Because at some point in the near future we will be putting the price back up to RRP of $247. 


● NOT $10,000
● NOT $500
● NOT EVEN $147


It’s now totally down to you. If you have read this letter in its entirety then you will either ‘get the message’ or not…

And if you do ‘get the message’ then you will reap consistent rewards from this fantastic system.

It really is a no brainer…

“And guess what? We are so confident of Forex Crusher’s insane profitability that you can test drive the system for a full 60 days, with no risk…”

Remember: All you have to do is purchase Forex Crusher RISK-FREE run it on a demo account and see how well it performs, meaning that you aren't risking a cent.

If you cannot turn a profit using this software, I will refund you the entire cost of the product, so there really is nothing to lose, and serious profits to gain!

I am absolutely adamant that everyone who buys this software should make a profit from it, so I am more than happy to offer you this guarantee.

You will also get incredible customer support which we encourage you to take advantage of if you ever experience a problem or simply need to be pointed in the right direction!

So what are you waiting for? Make the dream a reality.

Be sure to get this product for $97 before the price creeps back up to RRP!

You get the Forex Crusher software, user guide, a lifetime of updates, amazing after sales care...


The demand for this revolutionary new software will inevitably be high so get your copy for our special price while you still can.

Only a fool would pass up this no risk opportunity.

Remember that it took us serious time and effort to learn this information and incorporate it all into one fantastic automatic system.

It was worth it.

I can’t imagine a better investment to make than on this product. Just think how our entire lives revolve around money, liabilities and time pressures. Break free from that cycle today…

I promise you won’t ever look back…

Stephen Woods

P.S. Unlike many Forex softwares, this software is NEW and unique.. I advise you to snap it up NOW at this low introductory price, while you still have the chance! You will not find a software like this anywhere else, and certainly nowhere near this low starting price.

P.P.S Think of all the money you can make from this, and all the time you could save… then picture just how different your life would be. For less than the price of a decent shirt you can purchase a software so powerful that it will secure your financial future forever. And it’s risk free with our 60 day guarantee. Don’t be a ‘nearly man’. Give it a try, now!

You get the Forex Crusher software, user guide, a lifetime of updates, amazing after sales care...


Q: I have never traded on the Forex market before. Is Forex Crusher for me?

A: Absolutely it is! Forex Crusher has been designed for the use of both total newbies as well as experienced traders. It is so simple to both install and run that anybody could do it! There is no need for any prior technical knowledge! Install the software, then sit back and do your thing as our software tells you which trades to make!

Q: How much money do I need to start trading?

A: That is one of the great things about Forex Crusher. Although the biggest money to be made using the product will realistically be made by those trading with thousands, Forex Crusher allows you to trade with as little as $50 and still make great profits.

Q: What currency pairs does it cover?

A: Forex Crusher has been designed to trade any major currency pair such as EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY etc… The examples we have shown you have mainly been in EUR/USD and that is the currency pair that the software works best at, but the software is able to make great winning trades using any major currency pair.

Q: Do you provide customer support?

A: We certainly do. As an important customer you will be able to contact us at any time should you have any problems or questions. We make it our business to respond to you as soon as possible!

Q: Will the software become outdated?

A: Absolutely not. The software has been programmed to make profits in each and every market condition. We fully believe that we will be making winning trades with Forex Crusher for the next 50 years!

Q: I’ve tried systems before and they never work.

A: Me too. Many of the systems and softwares out there are incapable of trading successfully on real live markets. We have understood this from day one.

Forex Crusher is a revolutionary new product that tackles all of the problems of the previous systems and software. In a nutshell, our product WORKS. It is unlike any other product on the market.

Q: What happens if I am not happy with the software?

A: Purchasing Forex Crusher is RISK-FREE. If you are not able to profit with our software within 60 days (and we would be highly surprised should this be the case) then we will refund you - no questions asked!

Q: Will the system work anywhere in the world?

A: Yes. The software has been programmed to work automatically from anywhere in the world.